7 Hot Kitchen Design Trends

Is your kitchen screaming for a makeover? Are you looking for all sorts of alibis not to host Saturday’s barbecue  with friends? Does your family bolt out of the kitchen as quickly as they came? If these are nothing but normal, everyday  occurrences in your home, then it might just be a tell-tale sign that you need to update your kitchen.

The trend this year is all about diversity and a lot of mix-and-match attempts to ‘personalize’ the space. With the economy still at a slump, homeowners are leaning towards practical designs and pieces in neutral tones that does not go out of style even with the seasonal changes. Homeowners are becoming smart buyers who focus on durability, natural textures, and timeless styles. They incorporate personality by means of decor and splashes of color here and there, creating statements to produce a calculated impact.

Here is a list of kitchen design trends to consider if you are gassing up and ready to roll remodeling dollars.


Free Style

Because people are spending more and more time in their kitchen, it should be a space that they are comfortable with. While it is advisable to have a central theme for every room, it should not prevent a homeowner from incorporating his personal style into the space. Combining a vintage piece of kettle display, a set of 19th century chairs, and contemporary lighting should be no problem. This just shows that the kitchen is not just a place for utilitarian cooking but a place meant of comfort for families to congregate and enjoy each other’s company.


White Refaced Cabinets

Cabinet Refacing is the process of stripping down doors of cabinets and replacing them with new and much updated designs. In this process, the builder retains the rest of the structure which homeowners have loved for their durability and function. This is keeping updated with the times without incurring high costs. In terms of color, the in thing this year is the timeless, classic white.

White cabinets


Quartz Countertops

In terms of look and cost, granite countertop and quartz are not that different. They are both elegant and durable, and are, quite frankly, expensive at $60 to $100/ sq Ft. Despite the cost, they are still quite popular in today’s homes. Here’s where quartz sets itself apart from granite: maintenance. Quartz has a tight-knit, crystalline, and non-porous structure which prevents food, stains, pathogens, and other harmful bacteria from seeping in between fissures and creases.  It is also resistant to chipping, breaking, and is almost maintenance-free which is great especially when people do not  have the time, the money, nor the energy to do regular cleaning. Granite, on the other hand, requires regular sealing of at least twice a year to prevent naturally-occurring cracks to open wider. Needless to say, it requires regular maintenance efforts which costs time and money. This is the reason why homeowners are slowly considering quartz as an alternative. It is an install-and-forget piece which lasts season after season without losing its luster and appeal – making it an increasingly popular must-have.

Counter tops


Linoleum Out, Modern Flooring In

If you are embarrassed by those stained, scratched, and outdated large floral prints on your floor, then it is time to lose the linoleum! These are popular 30 years ago but now, more modern, and practical flooring are going into the mainstream. Choose big kitchen tiles in sleek, clean patterns in matte or glossy texture for a minimalist look. Other alternatives are stone and hardwood floors which are making a scene in today’s kitchen if homeowners want a more rustic, country lodge feel.

modern flooring


Multipurpose, Space-Saving Cabinet Pull-outs

Space costs premium these days, which is why every square-inch of spare space counts! Island countertops can serve as a cabinet, a cookbook shelf, and a dining table. Cabinets can be installed with inner shelving, pullout drawers, and condiment racks to make items more organized, clean, and easily accessible. Home depots sell all these things in retail. Add more shelves on-demand or when the budget permits. What’s even better is that anyone can do all these upgrades without professional help!

space saver


Vibrant, Bold Colors

Kiss the “ho-humm” feeling goodbye by kicking in more colors. Gone were the days when the lookbook featured nothing but monotones that are too safe for comfort. While a classic never goes out of style, being a bore is another story. Everyone needs a spark of color one way or another, so why not start in your kitchen? Today, more and more designers are designing for people. Adding a splash of olive, lemon yellow and other pastels is a great way to liven up a kitchen’s drab mood. Play around with kitchen cabinets using stencils, or make bolder statements with mosaic backsplashes. Not ready to go bold? Try replacing kitchen cabinet hardware with playful and colorful latches, knobs and hooks instead, or try hanging paintings that scream action. It’s an awesome way to personalize a space.



Green Electronics and Lighting

Environment-friendly appliances and lighting are becoming a hit in today’s homes. Appliances such as energy-efficient refrigerators, dishwashers, and other kitchen gadgets are already widely available. To identify which items are eco-friendly, look for electronics with the Energy Star seal. Having this seal means that an appliance is more energy-efficient than others which results in reduced monthly electric bills. LED lighting are also becoming more popular because of their economic benefits and longevity.  Most LED lighting sold at home depots come with a 5-year warranty.


About the Author:

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