Simple Tips to Preserve the Look and Condition of Your Wooden Furniture

Furniture plays a major role in the overall look and feel of your interior. Choosing the right bed, sofa set, dining table, working desk, etc. is important, because it’s not an expense that you can bear very often. Therefore, you must take both utility and appearance factors in consideration while buying furniture for your homes or offices. Because spending your hard-earned dollars on a piece of furniture that doesn’t sync with your interior, or doesn’t serve any real purpose is a complete wastrel.

There are many different types of furniture, however it’s better to invest on quality wooden furniture because it will continue to serve you for a long time to come. Talking of the longevity, it’s not just the quality or the type of hardwood that matters, but also how you protect and take care of the furniture.

Following are some tips to help you take good care of the wooden furniture to make it last a lifetime.

–        Keep away from direct sunlight because the ultraviolet rays (and the heat) will damage the balance of moisture in the wood. Remember that the wood will expand or contract at varying temperature or level of moisture, so it is important to protect your wooden furniture from direct sunlight or heat

–        While the lack of moisture and excessive heat will result in cracks, high moisture or humidity will result in ugly swelling that ruins the look of the furniture, so you need to protect it from water, because nothing spoils hardwood faster than water and excessive humidity.

–        Keep it clean, and wax or polish every once in a while, not only it improves the shine and look of your old furniture; it will also work as a protective layer for. However, wax might not be suitable for certain types of finishing like oiled wood. For cleaning, use a cotton swab with water and oil soap or dish washing liquid to remove dust. Do not use a strong detergent for cleansing.

–        Know the type of finishing on your furniture, you can ask manufacturers or dealers for more instructions and cleaning guidelines. Remember that there are certain polishes made specifically for different types of finishes like Shellac, Alkyd varnish, water based polyurethane, or oil varnish mixes.

–        Be extra careful while moving around the large sized items like bed or dressing table, because even a small scratch will spoil the overall look. Similarly, do not slide heavy items on tables or desks, to avoid scratches on the surface.

–        You can also use furniture covers or protective products like table pads, table clothes, and the likes, especially for outdoor furniture to save it from extreme weather condition.

–        Frequent dusting is a must, for dusting you should be using feather duster, wool duster, or soft clothes. Avoid using dry or rough clothe. Similarly, wipe up spills immediately to avoid blots or faded colors

For minor scratches, you can use felt-tip markers, patching wax sticks, or even walnut shell. But in case of expensive or antique furniture, or bigger scratches, get in touch with a professional, instead of causing further damage while experimenting with DIY remedies.

Bio: David Oyston is an interior design and home improvement blogger. He writes for Lounges Direct. Lounges Direct offers all sorts of leather and fabric lounges, dining chairs, and high quality lounges accessories.