Useful Tips for Selling Your Villa


Unlike smaller residential units like studio apartments and condominiums, villas may take longer to sell. While not everyone has the resources to purchase this luxurious type of real estate, you may also be facing some serious competition from other properties in the same colony. If you are seeking to put up your villa for sale, the following tips will help you quickly sell the bungalow!

1.  Audit the agent’s online marketing – If you are the owner of a villa, you would have the luxury of hiring the best real estate agent. And since nowadays 92% of potential buyers begin their house search online, the investors will not come over to see the property if your online presence isn’t compelling. You must hire an agent who can market your villa over the internet through listings and beautiful pictures. You may also do this yourself by putting up the villa for sale on a property portal. The more images you show, the more likely you are to receive queries.

 2.  Publish a video about your villa on YouTube – Pick up a camcorder and walk around the house and also outside the house in the neighborhood. This way you can soak in the feel of the vicinity and show and tell prospective buyers about its vibe. You can then post it on YouTube and add descriptions. Do not forget to mention what you love about your house the most, why your family likes it, highlight the comforts and also show your favorite coffee shop that is highly popular. Potential buyers would love to get a taste of life in your house and the comforts attached with it. This way you help them visualize a great future in your property.

 3.  Linking neighbors with future neighbors – If you are part of a neighborhood online message board or an email list, you can send its link to your villa’s online listing. This way the potential buyers will get to see who are going to be their future neighbors. You can also invite your current neighbors to the open house and make it a block party. This will create better opportunities for the neighbors to meet the incoming guests and promote the neighborhood to potential buyers. Additionally, you can ask the same neighbors to invite their guests who are on a house hunting spree and want to live in your area.

 4.  Facebook the listing – Facebook is a great networking site and an even better connector when you have to promote a property. You send the listing to your friend list with 200+ friends and they can further share it with 200 people in their list. Now imagine this power of networking in spreading your word around! You can also publicize your property on Twitter!

 5.  Beat the competition – In many markets, there may be some properties that are competing against each other in order to get sold first. In such cases one of them is priced lower than the other to ensure early sale. So you can either demand a lower selling price or offer other benefits that can draw more attention, termite inspection for instance. You can also consider getting repairs done or painting the villa again. These elements become major selling points that can help market the property better. Also, make sure that the handle and doorknobs that do not function properly are repaired way before you begin the home tours.

6.  Don’t leave trash behind – if you plan to make the sale after you move out of your luxurious villa, you must expect wealthy family dwellers to move in. Thus, you must not leave behind any kind of trash or clutter that will make the house look uninviting. Believe it or not, how you dress the villa makes a huge impact on the people walking in for the first time. You can consider leaving some of the good things behind. The least you can leave behind are the potted plants and cutlery. And if you want, you may collect them once the sale is done.


Author bio: The given article has been written by Devika Arora, an avid writer who believes in presenting facts unambiguously. At present, she is exploring the domain of real estate. The above article discusses about helpful tips for selling your villa.