Wynetka Ponds Bark Park

Bow Mar Heights has an excellent dog park called Wynetka Ponds.  Here is a map to the Bark Park. When going to the park it is good to know that the parking lot is on Lowell, not Bowles, and you have a little bit of a walk before you get to the dog park. Once you know though, it’s not a hassle.

There are two sides to the dog park so that when one side is overly used, it can revegitate while everyone plays on the other side. The whole area is pretty well maintained, although a few big trees would be nice for shade. It’s also great that, like most dog parks, it has a double entrance gate to make it that much harder for any dogs to sneak out on accident.

Each side features a 3-tier water fountain – one near ground level for the tiny dogs, one for medium size dogs, and one for the Great Danes to bend down to (or for medium dogs to stand up and stick their head in, as mine does!). The tallest fountain might also be for humans, but use at your own risk – I’ve seen at least 3 dogs lick the fountain head, just sayin’! There is a fire hydrant in each side of the park also. What could make a dog happier?

“This is one of those good calls on a warm Saturday morning. There was not a frown in the house. It felt like there was 100 dogs there but in reality there must have been 20 dogs there. I love this park it is very friendly. There is a nice pond for your pooch to take a dip in,  if he’s part otter. Love, Laugh, Bark.” -NB on Yelp