Deep Clean Your Home Before Moving In

Before moving into your new home, you’ll want to make sure that everything is clean. After all, moving is often a “fresh” start. While your management office or the previous tenants may have done a basic cleaning job on the place, there are some spots that they probably missed. If you can, tidy everything before you move in. If time doesn’t permit that, focus on the walls and floors before you move in furniture. Other tasks such as cleaning the oven and behind the refrigerator can wait until you’ve started to unpack.

The kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most obvious locations for dirt and grime to build up unnoticed. Most people think to wipe out cabinets and clean the oven thoroughly. However, the areas behind the oven and the refrigerator are rarely swept and mopped. Mold and spoiled food can hang around back there, so you’ll want to tackle it early. If lingering odors are a problem in your refrigerator, leave a box of baking soda in it overnight. It should get rid of any smells (including those from the cleaner.)

Depending on how old your new place is and what your counters are made of, it might be time to refinish the counter tops. Rough countertops with scratches can store crumbs from food. These crumbs can attract pests and rodents, creating unhealthy conditions. So while refinishing counter tops may not come to mind as a typical house-cleaning chore, it can be one of the most important steps you take in scrubbing your kitchen.

Use a spiral band abrasive to reach those small corners and other hard-to-reach places while sanding down your counter tops. If you’re not sure what grit you need or what type of abrasive to use on the material, check with a professional.

Other areas

Don’t forget to clean the bathroom. While not the most glamorous task in your new home, you’ll be grateful that your shower, toilet and sink are clean. Use bleach on white fixtures to make them look sparkly and new.

If you have any ceiling fans in your new place, check that they are clean. While the bottom may have been wiped down, check that the top has been also. The top of ceiling fan blades often contain the most dust. You may also want to clean any heat or air conditioning vents.

Windows are another frequently-missed area. Cleaning your windows will ensure that they’re letting in the most light. Your new home will feel more welcoming with natural light pouring in.

Keep it clean – stay organized

Moving is a great time to get organized. Before you start unpacking, pick up some organization solutions such as totes and other organizers to keep everything in its place. Once everything is in order, it will be easier to keep everything cleaned.

Cleaning your new place will give you the opportunity for a fresh start. Don’t forget fixtures like ceiling fans. Also make sure your countertops aren’t health hazards. Once you’ve scrubbed and taken care of any clutter, your house is bound to stay tidy.