Four Tile Choices that Give Your Bathroom a Clean & Fresh Look

Choosing the right tiles for your bathroom is a big decision, because whatever you decide on will set the tone for the entire room. It’s important that you have a good look around at the options by looking at magazines and online resources to see the effects created by various tile choices.

Think about the mood you are trying to create. Are you going for a vintage or luxurious feel, hotel chic, or clean and fresh? There are so many options open to you. Some feel that a total contrast to the bathroom they are replacing is best to get maximum impact and this is especially true if you are updating the whole suite, with new modern taps and accessories. Returning to the colour you had before can lessen the sense that you have moved on and updated. Here we look at four options you can choose to give your bathroom a clean, fresh feel.sponge-sprayer-spring-lg

White Tiles

White is still a very popular choice for bathrooms and although it may be seen as somewhat traditional, there are plenty of new modern twists on the age-old option. For example, white walls teamed with polished black floor tiles make a dramatic design statement. There are also more textured black and coloured floor tiles to provide more of a contrast. Many people opt for feature tile highlights to soften the feel of all white walls, which can add a wonderful luxurious accent to a bathroom. As they are sold in sheets which can be cut to your desired size, mosaic tiles can be added in thin strips or bold squares. Always consider the use of coloured accents when choosing white as a theme for your bathroom, to avoid an over-clinical appearance.

Natural Stone

The person tasked with cleaning the bathroom tiles will find natural stone a great option, as it is easier to maintain than shiny polished surfaces. Natural stone style bathrooms are really ‘on trend’ at the moment, due to the ‘wet room’ innovation. It has a luxurious spa feel and is warm to walk on, with a naturally textured surface. Whilst it’s not exactly bright and airy, it definitely has the wow factor.

Patterned tiles

There is another trend for retro wall and floor tiles, which gives a very modern, upmarket designer appearance. This is better for those who are after a super-modern look and know how to work it. Floor and wall tiles with linear designs give a striking appearance and make a real statement about your design confidence. They can contrast or match for equal impact.

Mosaic Tiles

These are now a staple in the bathroom, as they are so versatile. Mosaic tiles provide a wonderful sense of texture to both walls and floors and add a little extra tactile delight to your bathing experience. They come in a wide range of colours and themes, from the jewel-like glass tile to the new opalescent designs. Even a few mosaic tiles in a strip to break up a long run of tiling can add a great accent and bring up the design impact of more modestly priced tiles.

Author Bio:

Marvin Kay is an experienced interior designer with a special interest in bathroom design. He keeps an eye on trends in bathroom tiles through industry events and cutting edge tile suppliers.