Why Damp Proofing is Necessary


Damp proofing is something you should consider for your home, wherever you live. It’s especially essential in terraced properties, especially in the rental sector, where damp issues can be very common.Rising damp in any property can result in serious damage and this can go beyond just the walls, with structural damage to the timbers highly likely too. It can also cause health problems and your home’s efficiency will be damaged. A damp proofing course is the best way of repairing the damage.

The majority of new build and modern houses come with damp proofing already in place because it has become an essential part of building regulations. However, older homes, usually stone built buildings will not be ready equipped with this protection. Living in a house without damp proofing is always risky as you could end up infested with rising damp within a few months or years.

Suspecting Damp

If you suspect your home is party to rising damp you should call a damp proofing expert. There are plenty of companies who will visit your property and assess the situation before making any charges and then will advise of the best option to get your house back to its former glory. Most companies will also provide a quote so you can decide whether you want to proceed with the work.

Damp Proofing Methods

The most common method of damp proofing is through injecting a specialised cream into the walls at specified intervals. The cream is designed to diffuse and slowly release vapours which form a waterproof barrier, therefore stopping any rising damp from occurring. This method is particularly effective and it can be used both internally and externally. It is also a type of proofing which can be used on walls of various thicknesses and the materials involved are 100% solvent free so safe for family homes.

One of the side effects of a new damp proofing course is unfortunately there is often the need to re-plaster and redecorate the areas which have been treated. If you use a qualified damp proofing company they will advise you of this beforehand so you’re aware of the additional costs.

Cost of Rising Damp

If rising damp is left to develop in your home the costs are more than monetary. Rising damp can cause significant health problems especially if you’re already living with chest problems such as asthma.

In monetary terms leaving damp to develop can be extremely costly and rather than just needing a simple damp proof course you could end up needing repairs to your houses internal structure, including the replacement of beams and you run the risk of rooms collapsing, although this is in extreme cases. Obviously this type of work would be hugely expensive but living in this kind of environment is also extremely hazardous and worrying.

Damp proofing is a necessity for your home and even if you’re a landlord don’t think your tenants will accept below-par damp protection.

Gerry Hamlin is a damp proofing consultant from Colchester. He has worked tirelessly in damp proofing Essex and other surrounding residential areas.