Get the Best Price for Your Old Home

You need to be very careful and practical while moving to new home and selling the older one. Many things are there to be considered. You have to do some research, you must be aware of market conditions and you should renovate your house to attract the buyer. To make things easy for you I’m going to give you some tips for successful sale.

1. Consult a Denver property advisor; first of all you need to consult an advisor. Ask him about market conditions, prices and about agreements detail between buyer and sellers. Get the complete knowledge of important things and then put your house on sale. You should consider at least three advisors who can tell you the details about your area.

2. Do online marketing; almost 92% of buyers do their house hunt online so you have to give adds online. Give your house pictures both of exterior and interior sides.

3. Post video of your home on you tube; you know it’s an electronic age now. To attract more buyers you have to display your for sale property on different forums. You tube is most visited one so upload your house video.

4. Give access to your home; Homes that don’t get shown don’t get try to give an easy access to your home by communicating with the buyers about your location. You should be prepared to show the home quickly.

5. Stage your home; you need to stage both interior and exterior of your home. For interior staging you have to

  • De-personalize your home. Your personal belongings such as, family photos, religious décor and kitschy memorabilia should not be seen by buyer. Because buyer will see this home as his own and may get diverted by your personal things.
  • De-clutter pack all the things don’t let anything on tables or counters.
  • Clean your floors and windows with shiner liquid to give streak fee shine to your home.
  • Take down the curtains
  • Fix the trotted items of your home such as showers knob, taps, door handles etc.

For exterior staging you must do the following

  • Give a fresh coat of paint outside
  • Make house number plate more visible making them easy to see from the curb
  • Bushes and lawn should be well manicured
  • Add extra lightening in porch and near gate

You have to do all this because the first impression is the last impression. Buyer first looks at the exterior of home and then decides to move in.

6. Get real about pricing; for competition you should ask your agent about the prices of almost three or four houses that have been sold in your area recently. Keep your price 10-20% lower than these prices. You have to price right and low. List your house after consulting real estate agent.

Follow these tips and get best price for your home.

Raima Hasan is a professional writer. She writes about real estate home improvement tips and tricks. She also writes about home decoration with large photo prints. Currently her expertise belongs to Canvasdesignz