Copper Roofing Material to Protect Your Home for A Hundred Years

When it comes to build your house roofing plays a key role. A strong and robust roof not only creates a safe shelter but also protects your home from nature’s blows for years. With the advancement of technology and invent of techniques we have more reliable and durable roofing materials like copper roofing shingles.

Some unique features of copper roofing material make it the trend again among property owners, builders and remodelers. From back-splash to air-vents to countertops copper is being used mostly because of its longevity and glaze (that increases with time) that also makes it a popular architectural choice. Leave alone the aesthetic appeal copper roofing shingles and materials have a number of advantages to count on.

A trusted choice of home owners and builders: Copper materials are in use for several years. It is durable and can complement any building architecture. It is considered as classic roofing option. It can be intact for as long as a hundred years provided it is installed properly.

Economical roofing solution: Copper roofing is economical. Unlike other metal roofing materials copper require no finish or painting. High resistance and low maintenance makes it a preferred option for roofing.

Easy to fabricate:  Copper can easily be molded and given any form. The processes used for bonding copper roofing shingles are namely – ‘soldering’, ‘brazing’ and ‘welding’.

Weathering and Patina: Exposure to acidic air and as a result the oxidation process lends copper roofing material its typical green patina. Prevalence of acidic moisture in urban and industrial atmosphere aggravates the oxidation process. It reacts with the metal to develop copper sulfate along the copper roof surface thus creating a protective layer that adheres to it tightly saving it from further weathering.

In addition to this, copper roofing has a long history of sustaining in severe weather condition. It is seen that copper shingles shed snow easily and respond well against wind uplift, hence desirable in snowy and hilly regions. Case studies reveal that copper roofs gave superior performance in Florida during storms and hurricanes than any other types of roofing.

No maintenance: No painting, polishing, cleaning, washing and no major repairs for long time span are what makes copper roofing popular. You don’t need to change a copper roofing shingle even if it is dinged from any hard object. Rather wrinkle and crease on the surface gives it a different texture adding charm to its look. You’ll love to see your copper roof aging gracefully!

Easy to install: Flexible and lightweight copper roofing is easy-to-install, according to most builders and roofing contractors.  Roofing shingles are even easier to manage as they can be tiled to compose any shape to match the building architecture. Copper roofing sheets are also available.

Eco-friendly material: The added benefit of copper roofing is when an old roof is replaced you can get a considerable amount of cash return for the old roofing materials. The old copper roofing shingles are melted down and reused to develop new shingles or sheets. So if you find it costlier than other roofing materials do not bother as it will be compensated with the roof’s long life and superior protection.